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Next-Level Loyalty

Bumped provides the brokerage and technology to deliver ownership to your customers — through stock rewards, loyalty point conversion, and brokerage services.

Our hosted solutions and APIs empower you to reward loyal customers, increase connection with financial wellness, and drive revenue.

Let’s build an ownership economy, together.

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Most Americans own little or no stock, whereas the wealthiest 10% of Americans own 84% of stocks.

  • Financial Institutions use Bumped to reward customers in stock

    Financial Institutions

    Accelerate your digital transformation roadmap

  • Brands use Bumped to turn customers into owners with stock rewards, or to convert points into stock


    Invest in your customers’ financial wellness, and your bottom line

  • Loyalty and Reward Providers can help their partners bring stock rewards into their point conversion options

    Loyalty & Rewards Providers

    Add equity rewards to points conversion opportunities

Why Bumped?

Brokerage-as-a-service companies and clearing firms put the onus on you to manage complex regulatory processes and qualified end-user support.

Bumped Financial, LLC is the FINRA/SIPC member brokerage to keep you and your customers safe, plus the technology to get you to market in minimal time.

A reward with proven results

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It starts with tech…

A suite of products built to meet your needs where they are.
From little-to-no tech-lift hosted solutions to fully integrated APIs.

…and succeeds with integrity.

We deliver the tech, tools, and guidance to make your program successful.
We’ve taken no shortcuts to build a product that creates all the best shortcuts for you.

Brokerage-as-a-service and clearing companies are simply the tip of the iceberg — we cover everything else.

Keeping customers safe.

Security, data encryption, and reliability are core to everything we do so that you can focus on what matters — building an ownership economy that strengthens your business, your relationships, and your customers.

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