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An Update on Bumped

Last you heard from me, we had closed our A-Round and were moving through the final stages of testing. We shared some of our plans to grow and scale, bringing on additional talented people to help bring our mission to life. Things have been moving quickly since then, and I wanted to follow up with an update on all things Bumped.

Bumped invites are underway

We’re thrilled to be bringing more folks from the waitlist onto the app every week. We are so excited to have these customers on Bumped—testing the system, choosing their favorite brands, and getting free stock when they spend with them.

We still have a ways to go, but having Bumped in your hands (and on your phones) is a huge milestone. Thank you for being a part of it.

While Bumped is invite-only, we want to get a feel for what works well for our customers, and what we can improve. We want to understand how we can further simplify the (traditionally complex) world of investing. We want to know how you feel about becoming an owner in the companies you care about and support. Your feedback will help us continue to iterate—to consistently make changes and improvements so Bumped can best support your life.

Invite process

For folks eagerly watching their inboxes: hang tight! We’re doing something that’s never been done before, which means we have to steadily and patiently ramp up to ensure every system works properly and you all have the best experience. We’re bringing customers on to Bumped in waves—we invite a group, ensure they have a smooth experience and the support they need, then determine how many to bring in the next wave. It’s a mix of art and science, and we want to get it right.

If you’d like to get an invite sooner, don’t forget that we’re starting with our top referrers! We really appreciate the excitement we’ve seen for Bumped so far—an early invite is the least we can do to thank the people who have told their friends and family about Bumped.

And it’s never too late to share your referral code. Aside from referrals, we’re inviting waitlisters in order of sign-up. When it’s time, you’ll get an email from Bumped with your invitation and instructions. Keep an eye out, it could land in your inbox any day now!

It’s not about us

As we’re excitedly working to invite you all to use Bumped, our mission is always top of mind. We’re working to build lasting, meaningful 1:1 relationships between you and the brands you love. We want to make ownership the new standard in rewards. If we bring this vision to life, we hope you will understand your power to impact the brands you care about, and brands will prioritize values—not just prices—as a way to connect with you.

That is to say, we’re excited to be rolling out Bumped—for you. Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and partnership in making Bumped the best it can be.

Onward, to ownership.


Own what you love™

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