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Announcing our Partnership with Karrot Rewards

Loyalty is a constantly evolving equation, but that feels more true than ever in the wake of the past year. Customers are actively seeking to do business with brands and companies that they feel connected to — that share their values and vision for the future. With that in mind, we’re so excited to create even more opportunities for brands to drive those authentic connections and align their values with their customers by partnering with Karrot Rewards.

The team at Karrot has deep loyalty industry experience running multi-country loyalty and incentive programs for their brand partners, and beyond that expertise they share a deep-seeded belief that authentic, personal stories are the most powerful connection points between companies and their customers. We’ve both seen that ownership creates an emotional bond between people and brands — whether it’s owning the product, or owning shares of the company.

As Ernie Naylor, President of Karrot Rewards, said: “Stock has the potential to create continuous brand reinforcement in a way that traditional rewards like cash cannot. Stock rewards are more meaningful to customers and employees and create an emotional connection between the business and its customers”

We partner with Loyalty Solution providers to make it as simple as possible for brands to begin rewarding their customers in ownership — and now that we’re partnered together, Karrot & Bumped can support even more public and private companies alike, with little to no tech integration.

If you’re a Loyalty Solution provider or a brand looking for a win-win incentive — one that creates a symbiotic relationship with customers — reach out to our team, we’d love to chat!

For Loyalty Providers, get in touch with Drew Howell, VP of Customers & Solutions:

For Financial Institutions or Brands, reach out to Cody Vitez, VP of Sales:


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