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Q: Can the stock market really be a lucrative opportunity for me?

Q: It sounds like experienced and enthusiastic retail investors get lucky with big gains– it makes me feel discouraged. Can the stock market really be a lucrative opportunity for me, even if I have relatively little experience or knowledge? Thanks –Clark

A: Hey Clark, I totally understand how this feels. When headlines are made on Wall Street veterans’ gains, or even rags to riches stories from newly minted investors, it can easily incite a “fear of missing out” or “fear that we’re doing something wrong.”

The best thing anyone can do is get equipped with basic, relevant education on the stock market and understand your personal objectives– especially with the help of an accredited financial advisor.

That said, not everyone has an abundance of time to formulate a robust strategy, but especially by applying a secure investing foundation, you can have the opportunity to participate in the stock market, too.

And sometimes, all that foundation needs to be is a foot in the door. The stock market as a whole has historically increased over time, even with all the up and down fluctuations that come from volatility. This is where the popular phrase comes from: “It’s not about timing the market. It’s about time in the market.” You can learn more about how this works and long-term market value here.

Ownership– even if simply fractional ownership– can have its benefits. That’s why Bumped is committed to empowering everyday shoppers as shareholders. By earning fractional shares of stock, you can have the opportunity to start participating in the fluctuations of the stock market, including the possibility of increases over time. 

Hope this helps!

– Alex


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