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As you may have noticed from our website’s new look, some exciting changes are afoot at Bumped. We’re gearing up to make stock rewards more accessible than ever before, and a fresh website is just the beginning.

Since our founding in 2017, our team has been committed to constantly learning, adapting, and evolving in order to provide a fully comprehensive stock rewards platform. We are grounded in our mission of helping brands and banks build stronger relationships with their customers, while establishing a new point of entry for the average American into investing.

Facilitating those connections between loyal shoppers and their favorite brands is a two-way street. Loyalty can run in both directions when a company has the ability (and the right reward) to give back to their customer. Here at Bumped, we always want to be the facilitator of that connection — to help build and support the brand-to-consumer relationship, not to be the focus of it.

Shifting our website focus from the Bumped app to the broader stock rewards platform allows us to reiterate what we’ve said from the beginning: “it’s not about us”.

It’s about the same underlying platform that powers stock rewards in the Bumped app creating a new “arrow in the quiver” of well established loyalty programs. It’s about our platform giving banks the ability to reward their customers in stock instead of points. It’s about building a no-integration path for brands and businesses to begin rewarding in stock as quickly as possible. And it’s about the millions of Americans who can get a new way to access the stock market when we succeed in helping organizations reward in stock.

As we work towards general availability of the Bumped brokerage app, we are so excited to put these partnership opportunities front and center. Even further, to work with more banks and brands and offer stock rewards to more people than ever before.

And don’t worry, the Bumped app isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re continuing to work to move out of pilot and into general availability as soon as we can—giving anyone with a Bumped brokerage account the ability to turn their shopping into ownership. Hang tight for more updates later this year.

We’re excited for what the future of Bumped holds– this website redesign should give you some sense of scale and the opportunities ahead. As we continue to grow our operations, we will share more updates as they come. Big thanks to everyone who has joined us for this journey thus far; now, onward!


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