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Bumped Starter Kit

If you haven’t yet, sign up for your Bumped account to get started. Once your Bumped brokerage (investment) account application has been approved, you’re ready to earn fractional shares of stock when you spend with your favorite brands.

The following is your Bumped Starter Kit. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Set up the Bumped Shopping Extension
  2. Explore Shop Now
  3. Customize the stock rewards you receive
  4. Plus, Frequently Asked Questions

Set up the Bumped Shopping Extension to earn stock rewards

Download the Bumped Shopping Extension

The Bumped Shopping Extension helps turn your everyday spending with over 12,000 brands into investing. Simply download the Chrome extension and when you do your regular online shopping, a pop-up will appear to notify you when you are visiting a website where a purchase can qualify for stock rewards.

Activate those stock rewards offers before checking out by confirming in the pop-up window on your browser, and you’ll automatically see fractional stock rewards in your Bumped account.

Explore Shop Now

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Once you’ve logged into your Bumped account, you can navigate to your Bumped dashboard to manage your account, track your rewards and earn more.

You can explore opportunities to get free fractional stock rewards with our partner brands under “Shop Now Offers”. By tapping “Explore all brands”, you’ll be directed to the entire catalog of over 1,000 brands.

shopnow webscreenshot

When you select a brand you’d like to shop with, you’ll get all the details of what kinds of purchases are eligible for stock rewards under “About this Offer”. Once you’re ready to shop, tap “Shop Now” to be redirected to the brand’s website.

During your online shopping session on the brand’s website, make sure you use the same browser window through check-out. By using the same browser window that you used to navigate from Bumped to the brand’s website and all the way through check-out, we’ll be able to track your transaction and apply your fractional stock rewards.

Customize your Stock Rewards

Select your Stock Picks

You can choose the stock rewards you want to receive, no matter where you shop. Simply pick up to four companies you’d like to earn fractional stock in, and whenever you earn a stock reward, your rewards will be equally distributed across all your selections.

Head to your Bumped homepage on the web app, and scroll down to “Stock Picks”. Click the blue Edit Stock Picks button to choose which stocks you want to be rewarded in.

stockpicks webscreenshot

Every Bumped account will first be rewarded in a broad-based Exchange Traded Fund by default. From there, you can choose the four additional securities that you’d like to be rewarded in.

Choose from more than 100 publicly traded brands to own what you love. Plus, we’ll be adding more options as we grow. You can change your selections at any time.


Do brands change, and if so, how often?

The brands available are subject to change, and you will see them automatically updated in Shop Now. Stay up-to-date with your Bumped account to see new promotions from brands as they come!

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

No catch! Rewards, gifts, and relationships shouldn’t come with strings attached so we've built Bumped without fees. (Our fee schedule is here—but spoiler, there aren't any.)

What does a Bumped Brokerage account entail?

Signing up with Bumped Financial LLC is completely free, and to be eligible one must be at least 18 years of age and be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident with a valid social security number. As a shareholder, you may receive documents like brokerage statements, and we’ll walk you through those as they come.

How much stock will I receive?

The brands choose the percentage of stock back. Typically, the percentages vary between 1-5% of eligible purchase spend, with promotions up to 10%. However, these can change over time. Keep up with your Bumped account for updates!

More questions?

As we continue improving the Bumped platform, should you have questions or want help, please send us a message either via the web app or email at Our Support team will be happy to help.

Building an Ownership Economy

Our mission of building an ownership economy is founded upon the belief that everyone deserves to be an owner. By facilitating deliberate partnerships between consumers and the brands they shop with, we can co-create a system that works for all by turning your everyday spending into investing. 

Let's build the new economy together; one where everyone can have a choice, and where money spent invests back. It's time to take ownership.

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Own what you love™

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