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Bumped v0.7, celebrating the relationship

We are so excited to introduce you to another iteration of Bumped! While at a glance this update will make your relationships more visible (and colorful), the design decisions that drove these changes are all about constant evolution and improvements as we work towards our mission.

Bumped’s primary goal is always cultivating stronger connections between consumers and their favorite brands, banks, and businesses. This started in early days with a focus on publicly traded companies, which quickly grew to support private brands via ETFs, and expanded to financial institutions with our bank platform launch last October.

As we’ve expanded our platform, we realized that simply showing users a stock portfolio meant that after you were rewarded in stock, the focus was only on the investments you held — not the brands, banks, or businesses that gave you those rewards. Starting today, you can just as easily see who is rewarding you the most.

Brand Detail

Select the Portfolio page in your app and you’ll see the most apparent portion of our redesign: a new dimension to connect you more clearly to your favorite companies.


These logos will shift in size depending on total ownership received via rewards from each brand, bank, or business — regardless of whether it’s brand stock, an ETF, or another security. That means at-a-glance you can see the meaningful relationships that have given you the most ownership.

Never fear though, if you want to dive back into ownership through the stock ticker lens (or check stock prices, or sell your stock), you can always toggle back to the classic portfolio view that tells you how much you own of each stock.

Tip: Are some of your logo bubbles greyed out? That means you’ve selected them, but haven’t had a transaction rewarded yet. Maybe it’s time to pay some of those brands you love a visit!

Stock Detail

We couldn’t let the Portfolio screen have all the fun. This update also gives some new purpose (and visual engagement) on stock detail screens.


When you tap to view a stock — either from the stock chart or from the reward screen — you’ll now see progress to a full share. We’ve also made sure to add a note that shows total value in pending so you can be confident that your purchase went through.

And, no spoilers, but when you hit a full share you may want to check in with the stock again. We’ll be celebrating your ownership with you.

Evolution, ongoing

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for being in our early pilot program. Being a member of the Bumped pilot means you get to see first-hand as changes are rolled out. Testing new brands, sampling new categories, and seeing fresh design are all part of building an underlying platform. Many of you have been along for the ebbs and flows of our first year in the market, and we’re so grateful for your excitement as we define a brand new kind of reward.

This is the first of many more iterations as we prepare to make stock rewards generally available, and empower even more brands and banks with the ability to leverage our platform in their own loyalty programs. Our team is excited to keep creating more access and building relationships through ownership.


Own what you love™

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