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Fast Company Names Bumped To 2019 Most Innovative Companies List

Fast Company just announced the 2019 Most Innovative Companies list, and I could not be more proud to see Bumped in their Top 10 for the Finance category! We’re alongside Square, Acorns, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs, all of whom have built amazing technologies that increase access to financial systems.

The timing of this recognition couldn’t be better: a great opportunity to bring everyone up-to-speed on some of the amazing things we’ve accomplished since our launch ten months ago.

We’ve been bringing customers onto Bumped and running pilots for six months. We’ve more than doubled our staff and raised a total $19M in our A-Round (yep, you read that right—it’s a bit of an update from our July number). We demoed Bumped live at Finovate Fall and won Best of Show, and now to top it off, we now have the honor of being one of the World's Most Innovative companies.

Those things all set us up to scale and deliver in the year ahead. In fact, in April we’ll be moving into a new Bumped HQ! We’ve secured a 20,000 sq foot office in the heart of Portland with room to grow to over 100 Bumped employees—we plan to add employees sustainably and smartly, always keeping pace with our customers and partner brands.

As we see it, updates like these—new offices and awards—can support your goals, but should never be your goal.

The goal is impact. It’s the mission.

And that’s why this particular recognition matters to our team. Every year, Fast Company’s team looks for the most notable innovations that can have a traceable impact on the world. They care about the mission, and our ability to accomplish it.

For Bumped, that mission is to build lasting one-to-one relationships between customers and the companies they care about. This mission is rooted in my belief that everyone deserves to be an owner. That everyone can participate in—and hopefully benefit from—the stock market and ownership.

As it turns out, there are a lot of people who share this belief. Every day we’re reminded that we’re not alone in our mission—from our customers who are excited to become owners, from industry leaders who enthusiastically welcome us into the conversation, and from the brands who see a new, more authentic way to connect with their customers. We couldn’t achieve these milestones without the overwhelming support we’ve received.

Thank you to the team at Fast Company for believing in the Bumped mission and seeing our vision. And to all of our customers and brand partners—we can’t wait to keep innovating with you.


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