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Brand Loyalty

Give your Customers a Seat at the Table

Today, only about 52 percent of households invest in the stock market, yet the richest 20 percent of Americans hold 93.3 percent of the stock market wealth. Wealth disparity has only gotten worse since the 2020 pandemic recession, yet more people than ever are interested in getting involved in the stock market — often for the first time. Access to the stock market has historically felt out of reach for too many — citing money to spare and financial education as key barriers to entry.

This is why Bumped has been committed to building an ownership economy since 2017: brands and banks that give their customers free stock rewards for their everyday shopping with Bumped’s technology have seen tremendous results. Empowering everyday people as stock-owners through stock rewards not only helps bridge the economic gap, but it significantly fosters valuable customer loyalty because customers feel grateful their favorite organizations gave them a seat at the table.

Traditional Loyalty Lacks Real Value

Traditional loyalty models may have been reliable in the past, ownership is uniquely suited to solve the loyalty equation. Stock can grant customers a reward that actually matters to them and can build pride in ownership. Bumped users have cited stock as preferable over cash-back or points because it has the potential to grow over time, and thus grant them more equitable access to a market that once felt reserved for an elite class.

Brands are relying on loyalty programs now more than ever, yet nearly two-thirds of consumers say their loyalty is becoming more difficult for organizations to maintain (Clarus Commerce, 2020). There are a myriad of reasons why 67 percent of consumers are not satisfied with traditional loyalty programmes. However, a considerable reason is that only 20 percent of customers feel that their favorite brands are in turn loyal to them (Bond’s 2021 Loyalty Report). Brands and banks that offer tokens of gratitude and emotional connection with their customers are more likely to be appreciated and favored over competitors.

Truly effective loyalty programs take into account not only what their customers want, but what could effectively solve issues for them at the same time. That extra effort of providing a personalized, thoughtful and supportive reward shows that their favorite brands care about them back. This ultimately advances the entire dynamic to one of authentic and emotionally-charged lifetime loyalty.

Bumped Partners with Moves Financial to Empower Gig Workers

Bumped partners with brands and financial institutions to empower their customers as shareholders. As a case example: Moves Financial recently teamed up with Bumped to offer their users– who often work as gig contractors — the opportunity to become shareholders in the companies that they help build and power. Equity has historically been restricted from contract workers, but in partnership with Bumped, Moves Financial customers can now have a seat at the table, too.

By offering gig contractors free fractional shares of stock, such as rewarding Uber drivers with free Uber stock as Moves Financial now does — we can balance the economy by serving commonly underrepresented, yet still valuable contributors. In turn, recipients form lasting bonds with organizations like Moves Financial — the company that uplifted them as shareholders with the benefits therein, including proxy voting and receiving dividends.

As one Bumped user jokingly pointed out on Twitter, the impact of stock reward is palpable: “I basically have a board seat now.”

Stock Rewards Moving the Needle

The results of stock rewards have been significant for both brands, banks and customers. Specifically, consumers who become shareholders increase their spending with the brands they own by 40 percent or more. This data from Bumped was independently confirmed and reviewed by the Columbia School of Business, and summarized in their study: The Effect of Stock Ownership on Individual Spending and Loyalty.

Everyday consumers can win when they own a piece of the market. The reports show there is a collective win for both sides of the relationship; brands, banks and consumers succeed when individuals become owners. Beyond cultivating authentically compelling loyalty, ownership ultimately can have a meaningful impact on organizations’ bottom lines.

Bumped built the first B2B technology platform with an underlying brokerage focused on ownership to enable brands and banks to use our prebuilt set of technology tools specifically designed to reward in fractional shares of stock. Our Suite of APIs is strategically tailored to give organizations the ability to leverage our technology and services to reward their customers with fractional shares of stock.

Give your customers a seat at the table by offering a reward that matters to them– and your business. Reach out to our team at to learn how building an ownership economy with Bumped can uniquely solve the loyalty gap.


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