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In the Name of Loyalty: Linked Cards and Logos

To say we’ve learned a lot in our first year “live” would be an understatement. We’re constantly building a better Bumped based on findings, data, and feedback from our Owners (that’s you). Some of the most compelling findings have been the things we didn’t expect to see.

One of those unexpected findings is that loyalty in the Bumped app is omni-directional. Your choices as a consumer run even broader and deeper than the brands, including how you spend at the brands you love. Yep, we’re talking cards and banks accounts.

As you walk through your lives, every time you spend with your favorite brands, you’re also choosing how to spend there. Linking multiple cards to your Bumped account presents you with another choice: which card to swipe. Your bank, or banks, are with you throughout your entire day.

Today’s release makes your Linked Cards experience more intuitive and clear. We’ve completely redesigned the experience so that you can swipe through your cards and tell precisely which bank you’re looking at, and which card you’ve enabled to get ‘bumped’ rewards on. We’ve also added a Reward History per card, and the ability to flag real-time if there’s a connection delay with any specific card.

We know that managing money can be inherently stressful. Our hope is that these updates can make keeping track of your cards easier, while helping you choose and use the cards you’re most loyal to.

The other change you’ll see today is a little (but hugely exciting) splash of color. That’s right, for the first time you’ll see logos in the Bumped app!

We built Bumped in greyscale intentionally. Keeping our colors subtle and limited means that as we add brand and bank logos into the app, the relationships you’re building are the focus. For starters, today you can see logos on your Loyalty Selections and on Reward Details. Over the next few releases, expect to see more logos of the brands you love.

This visual overhaul will hopefully set you up for a fluid and delightful in-app experience, but above all else they’re an extension of our commitment to build a platform that helps everyone become an owner in what they love. After all, it’s not about us—it’s about the brands (or banks) you love, loving you back.

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