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Meet Bumped

About 50 percent of Americans invest in the stock market. That’s it, just half of us. And it’s not enough. Even with great work from the tech and finance industries to make investing more accessible, the fact remains that fewer people own shares of stock than ten years ago.

I founded Bumped on my belief that everyone deserves to be an owner. That everyone can participate in—and hopefully benefit from—the stock market and ownership.

Ownership means having a stake in the brands you care about. It’s a show of support for the companies you want to do well and succeed. Ownership is standing with the companies that matter most to you. Think of that product you can’t live without, the convenience that fits so seamlessly with your schedule, the brand that stands for the values you believe in. Ownership in and loyalty to those companies can shape their future.

Today, I’m so excited to take the first step towards making everyone an owner by launching Bumped.

What is Bumped

Bumped gives customers fractional shares of stock for spending with the brands they love.

Specifically, Bumped is a platform that tracks spending with participating publicly traded companies, then gives customers a percentage of their purchases back in fractional shares of stock.

You choose where to spend your money every day, and brands you care about are better for your support. Through ownership, Bumped wants to turn those transactions into a lasting relationship.

How Bumped works

Bumped links to your existing credit or debit cards, and is in addition to any rewards you receive from that card. That means that all you have to do is sign up, be approved for a Bumped brokerage account, and choose which participating brands you want to be loyal to. You’ll become an owner as you shop with those brands.

Let’s say you pick up groceries on your way home from work...

Or buy a new floor lamp this weekend...

Or pay your monthly bill for your video streaming service so you don’t miss a minute of binge-watching...

Those transactions could get you fractional shares of stock in the partner brands you choose to spend with. Over time, you gain ownership in companies that represent your life and your choices.

As for loyalty: if your family owned part of a sporting goods store, you probably wouldn’t shop at the competitor, right? That’s why we believe that ownership and loyalty should be a package deal.

Our stance on Fees

Rewards, gifts, relationships. These things shouldn’t come with strings attached so we’ve built Bumped with no fees. For details, you can check out our full fee schedule.

We’ve heard that cost barriers are a top reason people don’t participate in the stock market. To create access for everyone, we’re committed to removing those blockers whenever we can.

Everyone deserves to be an owner

I’ve been envisioning Bumped since my last fintech venture, Giftango. Working closely with brands to innovate in the name of customer experience showed me first-hand how important strong, mutually beneficial relationships are for customers and brands.

This is just the beginning. We’re so excited to get Bumped into your hands—into everyone’s hands—and get after our mission to build lasting one-to-one relationships between customers and the companies they care about.

You can sign up for the Bumped here.


Own what you love™

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