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Meet our CRO: Babak Farrokh-Siar

By David Nelsen

I’m thrilled to announce a new addition to the Bumped team today. Please join me in welcoming Babak Farrokh-Siar as Bumped’s new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)! Babak will lead the sales org as we scale our platform and power even more brands, merchants, and financial institutions to reward their customers in fractional shares of stock.

A leader uniquely suited to our mission

Babak joins Bumped after more than half a decade leading national business development for Acorns. That means he was responsible for all partnerships associated with Acorns’ ​Found Money — a fantastic product that connected customers to hundreds of brands that wanted to invest in their futures. In his time at Acorns, Babak partnered with companies like Chevron, Uber, and Cricket Wireless to collectively invest millions into customers’ accounts.

At a glance, you can probably see why I’m so delighted to add Babak to our team. He’s already done incredible work bringing ownership to consumers via the brands they love. But what his 20 years of experience in business development and sales may not immediately tell you, is how passionate he is about leveraging ownership to create access to the stock market for customers. As we’ve gotten to know one another, I’ve gotten to see my own excitement for the Bumped mission reflected back to me — he sees stock rewards as more than a compelling reward mechanism, but as the right thing for companies to do for the customers that love them.

I look forward to all of our brand and banking partners getting to share in the same inspiration and excitement I’ve gleaned from working with Babak so far.

Expanding the ownership economy

Babak is joining Bumped at the perfect time — after raising our $27.5M Series A, releasing the findings from our 2-year pilot study, and launching the Bumped consumer app into general availability, we’re ready for a leader with significant experience in the space to connect even more brands, merchants, and financial institutions to the Bumped platform.

Babak and his team have a full suite of products to offer — whether brands want to give stock rewards in addition to an existing loyalty platform, or to build a white-labeled ownership solution. With Babak onboard as our new CRO (who has been working to drive this ownership economy for years at one of the best-loved investing apps), you can expect to hear even more from Bumped.

More momentum to come

This is an exciting time for Bumped. By the end of the year, you’ll see multiple financial institutions launch their stock reward solutions (no spoilers, but they’re coming soon!), and hear plenty more from us on the data that’s driving our work forward. I am delighted that Babak is here to help take Bumped — and stock rewards — to the next level.


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