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Meme Stocks vs. Stock Rewards

Were you one of the 10 million new retail investors that jumped into the stock market in 2020, or of the countless that watched meme stocks skyrocket and fall from the sidelines?

The meme stock mania that erupted in 2020 and has since continued was led by intense online momentum that encouraged thousands to try their hands at investing — many for the first time. Increased Wall Street interest has been reflected online: posts linked to “#StockMarket” have nearly tripled across social media platforms like TikTok, Youtube, Reddit and more.

As a cautionary tale for what can happen, the Gamestop hype, fueled largely by "r/WallStreetBets" (the popular subreddit), created, then destroyed, about $30 billion in on-paper wealth, leaving many new investors cutting their losses — and feeling disheartened in the process.

Here’s the thing: Getting started in investing doesn’t have to feel like a risky gamble — but it still can be rewarding, too.

Stock rewards make investing as simple as buying Starbucks and getting free fractional shares of $SBUX in return. No need to interpret buzzing forums, navigate volatile systems or “time the market” just right. Now, you can invest without a second thought– or drop of sweat.

Plus, you can still get rewarded in the stock that you love. With over 50 stocks to choose from, you can get free fractional shares of stock in Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon and more. Simply by shopping with hundreds of your favorite brands.

Meme stocks have been an effective way to introduce people to the stock market, although the subsequent volatility has proven to be too high stakes for many folks just entering the market in the first place. Navigating the stock market hasn’t been historically considered easy for anyone, which is why creating new avenues to investing can be significantly more supportive than trying to “game the system”.

With Bumped, everyday folks can access the stock market without the traditional barriers to entry, such as minimum trade requirements or brokerage fees. Now those that want to earn a slice of the Apple ($AAPL) pie can do so simply by shopping there. No strings or hidden fees attached.

The key difference: meme stocks are based upon trading, whereas stock rewards are founded upon ownership. Stock rewards empower you to become an owner of the brands you love, simply by fulfilling your everyday shopping. Trading, on the other hand, may include hours of research, strategizing or “timing the market”.

Recent years have created a new generation of investors: retail investors that are eager for tools, education, and for the potential to “win big”. However, the gamification of the stock market has led to thousands of new investors getting financially (and mentally) stressed, especially as they take their first steps into the foray. As more and even younger people begin their investment journeys, it is paramount that new investors are equipped with supportive tools, education and accessible avenues to building wealth.

Supplement your investment portfolio with Bumped, because getting into the stock market shouldn’t have to feel like a gamble.


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