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Fee Schedule

Account Fee $0 You open a brokerage account. You need that account to receive and hold shares of stock. This is a fee just for having an account.

Maintenance Fee $0 Charged for upkeep of your account. Some accounts are higher maintenance than others, so this may change depending on what type of accounts we offer.

Trading Fee or Commission $0 When you buy and sell stock.

Account Closure via App Fee $0 A straightforward account closure from the app.

Manual Account Closure Fee $0 More rare: if there is a complex situation (such as court order or death) when you close your account.

Outgoing Automated Customer Account Transfer Fee $0 The fee charged when you decide to transfer the shares in your Bumped account to another brokerage firm.

If you're transferring shares because you want to sell, there's another fee free option (though there may be taxes). You could sell your shares through the Bumped app, then transfer the money to your bank via ACH.

ACH Transfer Fee $0 When you want to move money between your brokerage and bank accounts, via an Automated Clearing House.

Corporate Action/Election/Reorg Fee $0 For example, when a merger or acquisition of a company you own fractional shares in happens. As a result, there could be mandatory or voluntary action, and fees may vary.

Reorg Wire Fee $0 When there’s a corporate action that incurs a fee (like above), Reorg Wire Fee covers the cost of transferring that money in if you choose to pay it from an external account.

Standard Legal Transfers $0 Review and processing legal documentation when changes need to be made (like legal name changes).

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