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Launching Bumped 1.0

After more than a year of testing and refining, we’re bringing Bumped users hundreds more ways to earn stock rewards from the brands you love. Yup– that means more stock choices, more brands, more rewards. The cherry on top: with this new launch, soon we’ll be able to remove the waitlist, and it’s still completely free.

The Bumped team is so grateful for the input and partnership of all our pilot users. And now, we’re thrilled to deliver our users more opportunities to build their Bumped portfolios than ever before. We’re so grateful for our long-time supporters who have been with us since the beginning, and we’ve built the new Bumped with you all in mind. To ensure everyone has a smooth transition over to the latest and greatest version of the app, here’s a quick overview of all that’s new and how to get started.

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What’s new?

We’re launching a new (and considerably different) iteration of the Bumped app to the world. These updates allow you to get fractional shares of stock from about a thousand brands, and it allows us to keep Bumped free. Soon there will be no more waitlist, and hopefully no more everyday shopping without the option to receive stock for your purchases.

This new model is the result of hundreds of conversations with brands, thousands of points of feedback from users, and our drive to ensure that stock rewards are available to as many people as possible.

Welcome to The Stock Marketplace

Welcome to The Stock Marketplace

Over the course of the Bumped pilot we heard it loud and clear from our users: people want more stock rewards from brands, without the constraints of categories. In our effort to ensure that as many people as possible can turn their everyday spending into investing via stock rewards, we’ve done away with the limitations of loyalty selection and categories.

Instead of selecting one brand within a category, anyone with a Bumped brokerage account can access stock rewards from brands in The Stock Marketplace– your new shopping portal to get free stock rewards from hundreds of brands.

Start by opening the “Get Stock” section of your app and select offers from about 1,000 different brands. Some will reward online shopping, others allow you to activate your card and shop with the brand in-store at your leisure. You’ll get all the details, including what percentage of stock you’ll be rewarded in, when you activate an offer by selecting it.

Choose your Stocks

Select your stocks

While we removed categories for user shopping, pilot users will see a familiar selection process when it comes to choosing what stock they’ll be rewarded in.

Every Bumped account will by default be rewarded in Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (Shortened as VTI; See the Prospectus here) — a broad-based Exchange Traded Fund. From there, you can choose up to four additional securities that you’d like to be rewarded in. We’ve built out a list of more than 50 company stocks so that you can own what you love. Plus, we’ll be adding more options as we grow. Your rewards will be equally distributed across all your selections.

More Access than Ever Before

Our mission is rooted in empowering shoppers as investors, giving them ownership power for their everyday spending. In creating more access to the stock market, it’s critical to us that Bumped remains free for users.

Anyone who is a U.S. citizen and over the age of 18 can download the app, apply for a free brokerage account, and begin turning their everyday shopping into investing. Our pilot waitlist was previously necessary for us to effectively test and scale the Bumped platform, and now we’re just as stoked as many of you that the gates are officially open with this latest iteration.

Current users: Making the Transition

We understand this all may feel like a change from the Bumped pilot, so our team has worked hard to ensure that this transition can feel as smooth as possible. Current Bumped users simply need to update their app on or after October 29th to transition to the new app, and we’re giving them a full month before switching them over.

Simply put, Bumped pilot users will see the same app until Thursday, October 29th. That day, your Bumped app will be ready for an (exciting, we dare say) update. We intentionally chose to give our users this flexibility throughout the transition in order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get the clarity, support and final use of the Bumped pilot they may want.

Your Bumped Brokerage login and stock portfolio will remain the same during this transition (unless you choose to change them, of course). Once on-boarded into the new Bumped experience, you can begin earning more stock rewards through The Stock Marketplace.

As we continue improving the Bumped platform, should you have questions or want help, please send us a message either via the app or email at Our Support team will be happy to help.


  • Why the change?

    It's critical to us that Bumped remains free for users, which means brands pay to participate. Over our hundreds of conversations with brands throughout the pilot, it became clear that this was the best route for brands to fund stock rewards, both in the immediate future and as we scale.

  • Does my stock portfolio stay the same?

    Yep! Your stock is yours to keep, and your Bumped Brokerage account will be untouched during this transition.

  • Do my loyalty selections stay the same?

    Bumped is shifting to bring you more chances to earn from brands, which means rather than go in and choose your favorite brands or “loyalties”, you’re welcome to choose to spend with any brand in the app. We intend to provide more frequent and available opportunities for users to get stock rewards. By all means, if you feel loyally connected to a particular brand, we celebrate that relationship!

  • How much stock will I receive?

    Typically, the percentages vary between 1-5% of purchase spend. However, these may change as often as the offers do. Keep up with your Bumped app for new offers as they come!

  • When does this new version of Bumped begin?

    Your Bumped app should automatically refresh with these new changes on Thursday, October 29th. We wanted to ensure pilot users had a full month to prepare for the switch.

  • I’d like help transitioning to the new Bumped app.

    If you have any questions about onboarding into the new experience, feel free to send us a message via the in-app chat or email us at Our support team will be happy to help!

Building an Ownership Economy

Here in 2020, many people understand their connection to the economy very personally. We've all felt - sometimes painfully - how economic uncertainty may impact us as individuals and communities. Too many of us are affected by it, but not participating in it– often due to barriers that can feel out of our control. Many of us learn from losses and watch the wins from the sidelines, but much as we work through the crashes together, now we can empower each other to construct something better.

Since the origination of the Bumped pilot, we’ve been committed to creating opportunities for as many people as possible to get started in the stock market. By building more paths to get stock rewards directly into the Bumped app, we can make that more of a reality.

Our mission of building an ownership economy is founded upon the belief that everyone deserves to be an owner. By facilitating deliberate partnerships between consumers and the brands they shop with, we can co-create a system that works for all by turning your everyday spending into investing.

Let's build the new economy together; one where everyone can have a choice, and where money spent invests back. It's time to take ownership.

Curious how this all came together? Check out our founder’s reflections on what this next chapter means for Bumped.

Own what you love™

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