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Get stock rewards when you shop online!

We believe that everyone deserves to be an owner. That every time a consumer chooses where to spend they are investing in the companies they love. So we built the Bumped Shopping Extension to help turn everyday spending with over 12,000 brands into investing.

Simply download the Chrome extension and activate stock rewards offers before checking out, and you’ll receive fractional stock rewards in your Bumped account.

Already have a Bumped account? Great! Add the Bumped Shopping Extension and start earning stock rewards for shopping with over 12,000 brands today! Available in the Chrome Web Store

Laptop screen showing the Bumped Shopping Extension successfully activated

Ready to open a Bumped account?

It’s easy (and fast!) just click Sign up in the top right corner! Once your brokerage account is approved, just follow the steps:

  1. Add the Bumped Shopping Extension and log in with your Bumped username and password
  2. As you shop online, keep an eye out for alerts to activate your Stock Rewards from over 12,000 brands
  3. Click to activate before you check out!
Hope this makes your shopping (and browsing) even more rewarding.

To participate in the Bumped Shopping Extension promotions, you must have an open Bumped Account in good standing.

Reward promotions may not be combined with any other promotions, rewards, or coupons. If you visit other sites or apply other promotions before completing your purchase your purchase may be ineligible for the Bumped Shopping Extension reward. Activating other rewards through other sites or browser extensions may result in disqualification of eligibility for rewards through the Bumped Shopping Extension.

In order for your purchase to be recognized, your ad-blocking and/or cookie-blocking settings or software must be configured to allow Bumped to recognize your purchase. If your device settings or software block recognition, your purchases may not meet the criteria of eligibility for a reward.

Notification of Reward: In most circumstances, Bumped will notify you of a pending reward as soon as possible, usually within 7 days. Most often, your reward will appear in your account within 120 days of your completed transaction. Rewards, especially those connected with subscriptions or other periodic services may take up to 180 days or more to appear, depending on the subscription interval. Bumped is not responsible for delays in reward processing that result in exceeding stated timeframes.

Transactions made with third parties are separate from rewards offered through the Bumped Shopping Extension. Bumped is not liable for any issues that may arise in relation to products or services that are offered by merchants including disputes, faulty or defective merchandise, or any other issue not mentioned that may arise in connection with any purchase or transaction. Bumped does not make any warranties, express or implied as to the merchantability of any product offered for sale by a participating merchant.

Bumped has the right to terminate participation in the Bumped Shopping Extension for any reason. Bumped also reserves the right to terminate, reject or void this or any other promotion at any time if there is suspected fraudulent or unlawful activity. Returns on eligible purchases will result in the original transaction being deemed ineligible for rewards. See the Bumped user agreement for further details on returns. When an eligible transaction is able to be returned in accordance with the Partner’s standard return policy, your reward may not be credited, or may be reversed.

Eligibility to participate in certain promotions is conditioned upon requirements pertaining to device settings. the Bumped Shopping Extension promotions are made available via Chrome browser extension. You must install the Google Chrome extension to your Google Chrome desktop browser in order to earn rewards. Reward receipt may be conditioned upon disabling ad blocking and private browsing in your browser settings.

Please contact if you have not received a reward. Missed rewards must be communicated within 120 days from the transaction date. All determinations made by Bumped Support with regard to the status of your missed reward are final.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

Own what you love™

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