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Turn your everyday spending into investing with stock rewards

Bumped gives you the power to turn everyday spending into ownership, simply by rewarding you with fractional shares of stock when you spend with almost 1,000 brands that you can shop via web or app. Join us on our mission to create an ownership economy.

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Brokerage services are provided by Bumped Financial LLC. You can see more details on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

What to expect with stock rewards

When you sign up for Bumped, you’re signing up to get real fractional pieces of stock as a reward! What does that mean for you?

  • A real reward that is yours to keep (or sell). We love stock rewards more than points, cash-back, or coupons because stock is yours to keep or sell.
  • A safe, secure brokerage account. To get these stock rewards, you need to open a “brokerage account”. This is required anytime someone wants to buy, sell, receive, or hold stock. Opening a brokerage account includes personal information like legal name and SSN. To learn more about how Bumped protects your information, please visit our security page.
  • An ownership economy. Bumped is here to create access to ownership. You’ll be turning your everyday spending into stock ownership. We all create the economy together, now we all have the opportunity to benefit from it.

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